Speaker: Ps. Jenny

Title: Interacting With the Holy Spirit

Date: 10 March 2019

Venue: BOCMC Church (English Building)

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Interacting With the Holy Spirit
β€’ The early church of acts relied on the Holy Spirit — a vital part of their lives
β€’ They interacted with the Holy Spirit the same way they interacted with Jesus while He was on Earth
β€’ The Holy Spirit is a PERSON. Not an ‘it’.
John 14:16-17
β€’ When you pray — you pray with the Trinity. To the Father, in the name of Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit
β€’ God can be seen in His creation
β€’ 3 in 1 is also in us (body — flesh, outward appearance, soul — feelings/mind/will, spirit — lives forever and connects us with God)
β€’ Holy Spirit is at work on Earth. The Father and The Son are in heaven
2 Corinthians 13-14 – κοινωνία – koinonia
β€’ Be honest – how many times do you ignore the Holy Spirit every day?
Acts 8:26-29
β€’ Can you differentiate who’s voice you’re hearing?
β€’ They are familiar with His voice because they interacted with Him
Acts 16:6-7
β€’ If you don’t engage Him, He’ll be silent
John 16:12-13
β€’ You can’t minister without the Holy Spirit
β€’ Involve the Holy Spirit in your life
John 16:7
β€’ Intimacy is a deeper fellowship that goes to the desire of the heart. It cannot be developed unless you have fellowship
2 Corinthians 13:13-14
James 4:4-5
β€’ Holy Spirit yearns to have fellowship with you
β€’ If you love the world, you can’t love God
β€’ Would you share your heart to someone who loves someone else?
β€’ Intimacy requires learning the person’s personality/likes/dislikes
β€’ Ask God to help you be sensitive to Him